Dining etiquette for eating Korean food

When Koreans sit down to a traditional meal, they relax on a clean paper floor. The meal comes to them on a low table. Usually food is served in a nearly arranged collection of small metal bowls. Generally used is pair of chopsticks and a flat soupspoon. Foreigners may be surprised to find that Koreans will often eat a bowl of rice and may be have an extra helping even though dishes remain unfinished. Dont let this preference for rice bother you; to Koreans, rice not meat is considered to be the main dish of meal. In fact, one of the most common street greetings Bam mogossoyo Mean, Have you eaten rice? If you run out of a particular item, the lady of the house will bring more. When you have had enough to eat, place your chopsticks and soupspoon to the right of your bowl; do not leave them stuck in the rice or resting on any of the bowls. A dish of sliced and chilled fruit is usually served as a dessert. Depending on the season, muskmelon, strawberries, apples, pears and watermelon are among the fresh and sweet selections. At major celebrations, special steamed rice cakes are presented as a tasty style treat.

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