Get Drunk at Cave in Seoul Korea

Deep within a cave beneath a hill in Northen Seoul, four men sit around a low round table, drinking small bowls of a milky white liquor they pour from a teapot. Stop in the guljip -cave house, one of Seoul most unusual drinking spots.

A bomb shelter during the Korean War three decades ago, today it is operated as a wine-house by serveral enterprising aging ladies. The quality of the rice makkolli is usually excellent, so guljip never lack customers. There are only a few bomb shelther winehouses in Seoul, but there are manay other palces to drink. Within a few minutes walk of guljip are a beer hall with draft and bottled beer, a market wine shop serving alcoholic beverages, and a roadside cart, where passers-by can duck in for a quick drink on the way home. Drinking is an important part of Korean culture. Drinking with Korean provides an opportunity for foreigner to get via Korean culture. This is partly because of the salience of drinking in the culture and partly because, like anywhere else, alcohol remove inhibitions. History does not reveal when Korean first discovered fermentation, but drinking was an important part of the Korean culture even in the early years. During the Silla dynasty, the king and his court are known to have relaxed at the Bo Sokjong drinking bower outside Gyeongju. Here a spring bubstone channel. The drinkersset their cups afloat in the channel and competed to compose poems before the cups drifted all the way round.

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